I was born and raised in the small town of Independence, KS. My parents, Philip and Sally, have been married for 40 years and raised me to respect the values of hard work and honesty. My sister, Veronica, is married and I'm the uncle to the two coolest kids on the planet. My family is small but very close. Everything I do in public life reflects on them and that guides me to represent you with integrity.


After I finished college, I went to law school. I paid for it myself and worked 3 part time jobs. After passing the bar exam I become a licensed attorney. I've spent the last decade working for a legal technology company based in Miamisburg called LexisNexis. My experience in law and legal technology make me uniquely suited to be your Clerk of Courts.


Legal technology plays a role in every step of our judicial process. Attorneys use legal tech to do research and draft legal documents. Those documents are then sent to the Court in an electronic filing system. And the Court ultimately manages everything in a complex case management software. Not to mention new tools being developed like text notifications for court dates and docket updates. Sophisticated legal technology is embedded at every point in the administration of justice. Most citizens don't see it or even know it's there. But without it, our courts would be much slower and more expensive to run.


That's why my background is so important. I am a licensed attorney with a decade of experience in legal technology. Everything I've done in my professional life for the last 10 years has prepared me to serve as your Clerk of Courts. If elected, I will develop new tools and reform old processes to save us money and produce better results. I would be proud to represent you and I'd appreciate your vote on November 3rd. 

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